Ph.D Program

The Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Research (PHR.) Program is a new international program (2021 BE) designed to produce Public Health Innovators with expertise in research leading to the creation of social innovations addressing public health issues. The program is unique in Thailand and the southern region as it offers graduate-level research in public health. The key feature of this program is its focus on producing Public Health Innovators, reflecting the crucial role of public health as a bridge between science and society, cultivating researchers skilled in generating social innovations to address the healthcare challenges of the population. This involves integrated problem-solving approaches, stakeholder engagement, mixed methods research, and the study of local and international public health issues.

The teaching and learning process aims to develop the quality of doctoral students, both Thai and international, by promoting deep learning through mixed methods research, active learning, and problem-based learning, encouraging the design of theses based on Social Innovation concept to create Public Health Innovations. The program is conducted in English, aligning with the United Kingdom Professional Standard Framework (UKPSF). The lecturer of the PHR. program from various disciplines within the Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Faculty of Nursing contribute to the multidisciplinary approach of the curriculum.

Graduates of the program will possess the capabilities of Public Health Innovators, public health experts who prioritize health protection, prevention, and population healthcare recovery, skilled researchers capable of understanding public health issues and employing integrated problem-solving research methods, knowledgeable and experienced academic faculty in public health research, and young professionals and researchers critical for the 21st century. They are also expected to become leaders in public health and contribute to the development and implementation of plans, policies, and systems beneficial for public health. Additionally, the program has established academic collaboration networks with several universities in the field of public health, both nationally and internationally, allowing for student research opportunities and inviting visiting professors and consultants from these universities.