Bachelor of Public Health Program


TH: หลักสูตรสาธารณสุขศาสตรบัณฑิต

EN: (Bachelor of Public Health)


TH: สาธารณสุขศาสตรบัณฑิต

EN: Bachelor of Public Health


The Bachelor of Public Health Program aims to produce graduates who have mastered the knowledge and skills of public health and its related fields through an integrated approach. Graduates exhibit scholarly abilities to keep up with changes in expert knowledge regarding the application of the principles of health promotion, prevention, and control of diseases. Graduates display a thorough understanding of risk factors causing illness and accidents, primary disease therapy and recovery for families and neighborhoods as well as applying standards of ethics and professionalism to environmental health issues.

Desirable Characteristics of the Course

Graduates will display leadership and creativity in the performance of their duties. Demonstrate the ability to communicate and administer a variety of aspects regarding science and the arts. Show mastery of capabilities in media literacy, information technology, and language arts. Public-minded with a sense of accountability toward ethical standards.

Career path

Be able to work in public health realated field both goverment authorities and private sectors.

1. Goverment authorities such as Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour, Minitry of Social Development and Human Securities, and Ministry of Education.
2. Private sectors such as foundation, association, private development organisation, private organisation, international organisation.
3. Public health freelance.

Study path

Attain postgraduate studies in a variety of health science and health-related fields including Health Science, Public Health Management, Medical and Health Social Science, Demography, Biostatistics, Distribution, Family Hygiene, Environmental Health, Health Impact Assessment, Industrial Hygiene and Safety, and others related to Interdisciplinary fields.


Tuition fees 17,800 Baht/ semester
Tuition fees 213,600 Baht thoughout the programme

Program structure

1. General Education Course 10 course unit
2. Specific Requirement Course
consist of
– Core Course
– Required Course
36 course unit

22 course unit
14 course unit

3. Free Elective Course 2 course unit
Total 48 course unit