Bachelor of Science Program in Occupational Health and Safety


TH: หลักสูตรวิทยาศาสตรบัณฑิต สาขาอาชีวอนามัยและความปลอดภัย

EN: (Bachelor of Science Program in Occupational Health and Safety)


TH: วิทยาศาสตรบัณฑิต (อาชีวอนามัยและความปลอดภัย)

EN: Bachelor of Science (Occupational Health and Safety)


The Bachelor of Science Program in Occupational Health and Safety program systematically aims to produce graduates who are knowledgeable within the profession, have mastered the practical skills required and practice a high level of professional moral leadership. The program promotes graduates to apply a science and art orientation in occupational health and safety to foster a culture of prevention. Graduates understand and adapt to workplace changes both socially and technologically within local and global schemes.

Desirable Characteristics of the Course

Graduates will display leadership and creativity in the performance of their duties. Demonstrate administration skills in occupational health and safety organizations. Show mastery of capabilities in management skills and teamwork coordination, media literacy, information technology, and language arts. Show system-thinking skill sets, create a preventive culture to control and develop occupational health and safety. Public-minded with a sense of accountability toward ethical standards. Demonstrate ITC skills at a professional level in Thai and English.

Career path

Be able to work in both goverment authorities and private sectors such as academician, occupational health officer, safty officer, occupational health and safty coordinator, work environment measurement.

Study path

Attain postgraduate studies in a variety of health science and health-related fields including Industrial Hygiene and Safety, Toxicology, Safety Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Technology, Public Health Management, and others related to Interdisciplinary fields.


Tuition fees 17,800 Baht/ semester
Tuition fees 213,600 Baht thoughout the programme

Program structure

1. General Education Course 40 credits
2. Specific Requirement Course
consist of
– Core Course
– Required Course
– Co-operative Education Course
144 credits

40 credits
95 credits
9 credits

3. Free Elective Course 8 credits
Total 192 credits