Ph.D. Public Health Research

Ph.D. Public Health Research

School of Public Health, Walailak University

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Ph.D. Scholarships in Public Health Research (International Program)

This scholarship is offered by Doctor of Philosophy Program in Public Health Research (International Program), School of Public Health, Walailak University.

1. Tuition fee waiver
    -Thai student 187,500 THB/semester*
    – Foreign student 187,500 THB/semester*
2. Living allowance (10,000 THB/month)
3. Scholarship for conducting thesis (100,000 THB based on university condition)
*Semester System (3 years or 6 semesters)

1. Applicants must apply to study in Doctor of Philosophy Program in Public Health Research (International Program), School of Public Health, Walailak University.
2. All nationality.
3. Applicants must hold a master’s degree in Environmental Technology, Safety Engineering, Environmental Health, Environmental Sanitation, Industrial Hygiene, Health Science, Public Health, Environmental Science or related fields and have a GPA of at least 3.50/4.00.
4. Applicants have the research articles which published on Scopus (Q1-Q4).
5. TOEFL score at least 500 / IELTS score at least 5.5 / CU-TEP score at least 70 / WU-TEP score at least 74 / CEFR at least B2 level. Please note that applicants who failed to submit English score at the date of application, can be re-submit within one year after being accepted by the program committee.

Important Conditions:
1. Scholarship recipients must serve as a teaching assistant at least 1 undergraduate course/semester. This must not be less than 36 hours/semester throughout the scholarship period.
2. The scholarship will be terminated if the topic of the thesis proposal is not approved within 2 semesters from the date of accepted scholarship.
3. Scholarship recipients will be ceased to receive the scholarship if they are having misbehaviour such as academic offences or being ordered by the university to suspend their studies or having any other behaviour which the Thesis Advisory Committee considered that the scholarship will be ended.
4. The scholarship will be terminated if they cannot be full-time students.
5. Scholarships recipients are required to publish research articles or have been accepted at least 2 papers in international academic journals that are in the Scopus Database (Q1)

Ph.D. in Public Health Research Program  


         Doctor of Philosophy Program in Public Health Research (International Program)


         Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Research: Ph.D. (PHR)


 Produce doctorates with research capabilities to create innovations in solving public health problems

Program objectives
1) To produce a Ph.D. with discipline to comply with the rules or rules of the organization and research ethics
2) To produce a Ph.D. with the ability to work in a team. Play the role of the team leader. and appropriate team members of the multidisciplinary health team
3 To produce doctorates who have knowledge about science and research methodologies to create innovations to solve public health problems
4) To produce doctorates with competence in searching, analyzing, synthesizing, designing, using statistics, programs and information technology in research to create innovations to solve public health problems
5) To produce doctorates with research capacity to create innovations to solve public health problems and disseminating works internationally
Structure of PhD. PHR program  total 48  Credits ( 3 years: 6 semesters)
1. Compulsory subjects                                 10*   Credits
 1) Fundamentals           4* Credits
 2) Seminars         6* Credits
2. Thesis/Dissertation                       48  Credits
1. Section of  basic cause (Non credit)     
    1) Introduction subject4 Credits
PHR64-511Global Public Health problem         1(1-0-2)
PHR64-512Epistemology for public health                               1(1-0-2)
PHR64-515Modern of research methodology in  public health1(1-0-2) 
PHR64-516 Advance statistic in public health1(1-0-2)
    2) Seminar subject (Non credit) 6 Credits
PHR64-521Seminar in public health research I1(0-2-1)
PHR64-522Seminar in public health research II1(0-2-1)
PHR64-623Seminar in public health research III 1(0-2-1)
PHR64-624Seminar in public health research IV1(0-2-1)
PHR64-725Seminar in public health research V1(0-2-1)
PHR64-726Seminar in public health research VI1(0-2-1)
2. Section of dissertation                                          48  Credits
 PHR64930 Dissertation48 Credits

How to apply:
        Applicants send application form and introduction letter with interested thesis topic to

advisors email as below details within October 28, 2021. (